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Transfer to Israel

Every year millions of tourists from different countries tend to visit Israel. This country can offer its guests not only a lot of interesting sights, but also a high quality service. According to this factor Israel will give all recognized tourist centers a head start.

The chain of hotels "Regina", working in Tatarstan, has expanded its office by opening a wonderful tourist complex in the city of Ashkelon. Among other things, during visiting, we offer travel enthusiasts to make transfer to Israel, which significantly diversifies your vacation.

A little bit about Ashkelon

The city of Ashkelon is situated in the south-western part of Israel. This tourist center has a rich history. The first mention of Ashkelon can be found in the writings of the ancient authors. The city authorities show consideration for historical and cultural values of different epochs, so there is always something to see.

The climate of the city will also gladden the tourists. There is quite smooth weather all year round. Exhausting heat and piercing cold pass it by that makes a holiday here even more comfortable.

Only for you - transfer to Israel!

For our guests we can arrange a transfer to Israel at any time. Usually this service is bought by tourists who:

  • want to quickly get from the airport to the hotel
  • want to visit as many local attractions and historical sites as possible

All the concerns and worries related to the transfer organization to Israel, "Regina Goren" takes over. We are able to carry out both group and individual VIP transfer.

For different types of transfers to Israel you can use:

  1. executive cars and business class cars
  2. roomy and comfortable buses, designed for 35-45 people
  3. modern minibuses for up to 25 people