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Medical tourism

Medical tourism in Russia was not properly conventional in the past. As a rule, our people went “to drink spa water” and “breathe fresh air”, which meant going to sanatoriums or resorts not implying any serious health research.

However, the Europeans have always preferred special referral centers in Germany and Israel, with the profound health research and various functional assessments. They enable to identify not only the primary cause of a disease, but also a range of accompanying diseases interfering with the full recovery.

Why Israel?

The level of Israeli medicine is world-renowned.

Presidents, public persons and celebrities trust the Israeli specialists.

Apart from this, the conditions of entry into Israel are much simpler than into Germany. Boring as it could seem, treatment procedure with combination of a nice climate, a large variety of excursions and the Dead Sea with its spa-resorts is transformed into an exciting adventure.

We have partnership agreements with leading clinics of Israel and are able to arrange examination, treatment, operation and rehabilitation in compliance with your requirements. We will help you to choose medical institution according to your indications, prepare required documents for flight and treatment, and select the most convenient variants of accommodation and catering in Israel. In addition, we will undertake transfer services and organization of excursions.

Furthermore, we can arrange the same procedure in Tatarstan. Due to the development of modern technologies the medicine level in Tatarstan became in fact one of the highest in Russia, but the prices here are much lower, than in Israel or in Moscow.

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