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Organize your holiday with children in the best hotel of Israel!

Israel is considered to be one of the most famous and popular tourist centers of the world. Salubrious climate, hundreds of attractions and activities make this country an ideal place to relax. Local hotels will surprise you with its comfort and high quality service. Israel’s hotels are perfectly suited for both adults and children.

Relax with children in the best hotels of Israel!

How can the hotels of the Promised Land delight the travellers? We will try to underline their main advantages:

  1. Developed infrastructure. Literally all - excellent restaurants, parking, swimming pools, attractions can be found in Israeli hotels. That is why the holiday with children in Israel will be a great option for organization your holiday. Your offspring will be delighted and not be bored for a minute.
  2. Excellent service. A carefully selected staff, excellent interior and an abundance of different schticks that make the vacation even more comfortable - the main feature of Israel's best hotels for families with children.
  3. The beaches and the sea. Hotel employees are closely monitoring the state of the beaches that are in their responsibility. They are clean and well kept. It is almost impossible to find any rubbish, which makes Israeli hotels the best place to relax with children. We should also mention the Mediterranean Sea - its waves in any season will delight travelers with their warmth.

"Regina Goren" - the best hotel in Israel for families with children!

Hotel chain "Regina", which main office is located in Kazan, is constantly evolving and improving. We have recently opened a new tourist center "Regina Goren" in Ashkelon, located to the south-west of Israel. It is ideal for a great family vacation. Here, even the most fastidious traveler will find all the things that he needs for a comfortable rest.

You can book a room at the hotel "Regina Goren" as easy as pie:

  • by visiting our office
  • by contacting our employees by phone
  • by using the hotel's site